Show you the stunning views in Japan!

I will personally take you to the places where you can take the photos featured on 500px and teach you the methods and techniques of photography.


Take a look at the following pages to find out what kind of photos you want to take.

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■Contact me

or Here.


■Purpose of the tour
・To give you a direct experience of Japan’s spectacular scenery.
・I want people to record the beautiful scenery of Japan in a more attractive way.
・To learn photographic techniques for more attractive expression.


■What I will do
I will be responsible for the overall coordination of the photography tour.
Specifically, I will
・Selection of shooting locations
・Selecting the means of transportation
・Driving the car during the tour
・Arranging accommodation
・Advice on photographic techniques and methods appropriate to the location and subject
・Development of photographs on request.
・Estimates for photography tours


1.) Language
I am the organiser of this tour. Please use an automatic translator if necessary.
2.) Accidents and problems
I am not responsible for accidents, injuries or other problems. You are responsible for arranging your own insurance during the tour.
3.) Filming conditions
I will do my best to meet your photographic requirements, but as this is mainly a landscape tour, I cannot be held responsible for the time of year, time of day, weather conditions or other local circumstances that may prevent you from taking the photographs you want.
4.) About the itinerary
My current day job is as a company employee. I organise tours on my days off as a private business, so please let me know if we can work out a suitable date.
5.) About the number of participants
The tour is designed for small groups of up to 1 or 2 people.
If the number of participants increases, please contact us.
6.) About rules and manners
In Japan, please behave according to Japanese rules and manners. If you are annoyed by others (shouting, violent behaviour, etc.), please follow my advice.
(7) Reception
As this is my own personal tour, in addition to my day job, I may not be able to accept certain dates or conditions.
The tour will be organised by mutual agreement through detailed discussions by email.
A deposit must be paid in advance when the tour is agreed.


It is not easy to take landscape photos. Landscape photography is not an easy thing to do and can only be achieved after many trips. We recommend that you take it easy the first time you visit a location.
Even if you don`t get what you want, you will still be able to experience the beauty of the place.
If you are not able to take the photos you want, you will still be able to experience the spectacular scenery of the place. The point is not to have high hopes, but to take it easy and enjoy the spectacular scenery of Japan.


■About the procedure
Please choose your desired photo or theme from the following pages
Please send the necessary information to the following
What kind of pictures or themes you would like to take
Your country of residence and the language you speak
Number of participants, age, gender and occupation
Your preferred time and date (approximate)
I will advise you on the location, timing and conditions of the shoot.
We will exchange a few emails and decide on the details of the tour.
I will give you a quote for the tour.




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